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Christie Darrow

  • Christie Darrow is a sweetheart! She has only been in the industry for 3 months, she is brand new and still showed herself to be a true professional and an all-round great girl. She is so gorgeous, her well toned body reveals that she likes to keep in shape!
  • Lives In: California
  • Birthday: 21st August
  • Occupation: Entertainer
  • Ethnicity: Caucausian
  • Languages: English
  • Nationality: American
  • Breast Size: Large
  • Body Type: Well toned
  • Tattoos: Yes
  • Piercings: Yes

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The Cock Tale!

You've been on an awesome date with Christie Darrow - a dive bar crawl - hitting different bars and having a drink in each, as you flirt and get closer to each other, the tension is high as she looks into your eyes ... 'I've another bar we can try' she whispers. Leading you back to a gentrified warehouse area she says 'It's a secret, invite only bar', unlocking a door to an apartment. There is a bar. She goes behind it. "And what would you like? We have everything on the menu for you - let me show you some samples". Christie poses on the bar top, showing her ass in tight denims and then takes her top off, her natural boobs just being seen under her bra, her shorts are next to come down, the bulge of her hard cock bursting through. She shows her ass, the smooth puckered hole ready for attention. "I'll take it all!' you answer.

3rd May 2024
27:44 HD Video
& 175 Photos