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Sevyn Starr

  • Sevyn is a lively 25-year-old who just moved from the dry lands of New Mexico to the rainy vibes of Portland. It's a big change, but she's rolling with it.

    While she's a star on the strip club stage, outside, she's all about exploring the outdoors and trying out cool restaurants. Cheeky and a little bratty, Sevyn embodies the duality of dominance and submission, a dance she's mastered both on and off the stage. But if there's one thing that remains consistent, it's her infectious giggle. Hear that, and you'll know she's in her element. And when it comes to her favorite position, it's cowgirl for Sevyn, she loves being on top. You'll see for yourself. ;)
  • Lives In: Portland, OR
  • Birthday: 4th May
  • Occupation: Entertainer
  • Ethnicity: Caucausian/Latina
  • Languages: English
  • Nationality: American
  • Breast Size: Small, natural
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Tattoos: Yes, many
  • Piercings: No

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Sexing Sevyn Starr!

25 year old Sevyn Starr is pretty new to being on camera - but you wouldn't know it! This very sexy, very pretty girl has a lot of presence, and seems to know what she loves in sex ... and right now what she loves, is you. She's going to show off that hot body, shake her ass at you and invite you to finger her tight hole, to help her loosen up for when she sits on your cock. But first, she needs to taste your big cock in her mouth, tonguing the head and sucking on the shaft, while looking at you and seeing the pleasure she can bring. Then she's going to flip over, and give you access to get really deep and pound her ass hard, and hit all her spots ... and then taste your cum.

26th Apr 2024
31:59 HD Video
& 197 Photos